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Admission to the Single-Cycle Master Degree in Building Engineering-Architecture
To enrol in the Single-Cycle Master Degree in Building Engineering-Architecture (LM4 c.u.) it is necessary to pass the admission test, which is organized in forty questions (40) with five answer options, among which the candidate must identify the only correct one, discarding the wrong, arbitrary or less probable ones.

The topics related to the questions are: general culture (8) logical reasoning (6), history (12), drawing and representation (6), mathematics and physics (8).  Candidates who have not answered any questions will not be included in the ranking.

With regard to Further Required Courses (OFAs), these are attributed to those who have reported an overall score of less than 3 in the questions concerning Mathematics and Physics. Further Required Courses (OFAs) are related exclusively to Mathematics.

Further Required Courses (OFAs) will be satisfied if the student, after attending the remedial course provided by Sapienza on an IT platform, has successfully taken the final test or if within the first year of enrolment has passed the first mathematical exam.

In order to increase the preparation in mathematics, the candidate could avail of the pre-courses dispensed by the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, the teaching tools and the tutorial activities proposed by the Course of Studies.

To consult the admission tests of past years, students can access the archive of tests available on the web page:


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