Rieti University Campus

The Rieti campus of the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering is in Via A.M. Ricci, 35a in Rieti. The building - Sabina Universitas – host also the Medicine campus of Sapienza University and the Agrarian campus of Tuscia University. It is situated in an excellent location: just 500 meters from the railway and Cotral terminal station (train and bus) and from city centre. The Presidency and the student affairs offices are in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, in the city centre. 

Why Study in Rieti - guidebook


Academic Programmes

The Degree in Sustainable Building Engineering is a three-year Programme that aims to train Engineers who are capable of working for the preservation and recovery of existing buildings. They must also be able to construct new buildings using innovative building techniques while focusing on the sustainable development of the territory. They must respect the natural, seismic, hydraulic, hydrogeological and landscape constraints and avoid any environmental damage.

Starting from the academic year 2018-2019 it is possible to attend the L-23 Sustainable Building Engineering Degree Programme at the Rieti campus of Sapienza University. It is the first three-year Degree Programme in engineering taught in English at Sapienza University and one of the few in Italy. The Programme corresponds to “Ingegneria per l’Edilizia Sostenibile” Bachelors Degree, but taught in English. For further information please visit the Programme's website


  • Masters Degree - Environmental and Sustainable Building Engineering LM-24

The Masters Degree in Environmental and Sustainable Building Engineering, based in Rieti, aims to train  professionals who are capable of working as a designers, production and site managers and inspectors, in the civil constructions and soil defence sectors, in the waste and environmental resources management sectors, focusing on water resources, identifying issues and problems, analysing their complexity, developing suitable and appropriate solutions, also by developing innovation, management and implementation processes. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the Study Programme achieves these objectives by providing an in-depth knowledge of the subjects already studied during the Bachelors Degree in the fields of mathematical physics, history of architecture and construction techniques, and of the tools and forms for the study and representation of the built and natural environment. Secondly, the Study Programme allows students to learn the characterizing subjects of Building processes and Environmental systems.

The campus - services & laboratories

  • Student Affairs Offices 
  • 12 classrooms
  • 1 library
  • 3 IT laboratories
  • 5 scientific laboratories
  • 1 hydraulics laboratory
  • 1 topography laboratory
  • Weather station

The campus is also authorized to develop courses and exams for Trinity College London English language certifications.

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