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The history

Thanks to the establishment of the first Engineering Study Programme in Rome by Pope Pius VII in 1817, the first school for professional training in engineering was born in Italy. The mission of the Programme was to train specialized technicians to work for the Water and Roads Bureau. In 1826 Pope Leo XII decided that “technical studies” should also be part of the Archiginnasio of Sapienza University. In 1870 the general norms of the Casati Law of 1859 were extended to the city of Rome, and in 1873 the "Scuola di applicazione per gli ingegneri in Roma" (practical school for engineers in Rome) was created through a specific Regulation that separated the school from the University of Rome (as one can read on the plaque which is walled in the atrium of the Faculty). All the engineers that studied there were trained as civil engineers, and it was only in 1913 that the school began to provide two different training Programmes: Civil and Industrial Engineering. In 1935 the school became the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rome. In 1960 a special provision was issued which officially reorganized the Engineering Study Programmes. This provision led to the creation of nine different Civil Engineering Degrees (with a building, hydraulics, and transportation section): Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Marine and Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Electronic and Nuclear Engineering. In November 2010, following the reorganization of Sapienza University, the Faculty of Engineering was divided into the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering and the Faculty of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Statistics.

Now - The future

Our Faculty was created to provide professionals with the advanced cultural preparation that enables them to meet the educational and research needs of companies, and to provide them with the skills required to promote and develop technological innovation processes in various cultural fields. The Faculty's main headquarters are on Colle Oppio in via Eudossiana, but the educational and scientific activities are also carried out in other locations in Rome. The classes of the first two years of the Degree Programmes take place at the Via Scarpa building (adjacent to the University City headquarters). Over the recent decades, Degree Programmes have also been held in the various branches of the University that are in the Lazio Region, such as in Rieti and Latina.

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