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The Boards of Study, composed of Professors involved in each Course of Study, are responsible for planning and delivering the Academic Offer according to the thematic ares of election.
Here you can find the list of the Boards of Study coordinated by the Faculty:

Aerospace Engineering  Franco Mastroddi
Environmental Engineering (Latina) Alberto Budoni
Civil and Industrial Engineering (Latina) Alessandra.Polettini
Chemical Engineering Barbara Mazzarotta
Civil Engineering Luigi Callisto
Clinical and Biomedical Engineering Zaccaria Del Prete 
Transport System Engineering Stefano Ricci
Safety and Civil Protection Engineering Mara Lombardi 
Nanotechnology Engineering Marco Rossi
Sustainable Building Engineering (Rieti) Sappa Giuseppe
·         Building Engineering – Architecture Marina Pugnaletto
·         Energy Engineering Massimo Pompili
Energy Engineering Livio de Santoli
Mechanical Engineering Carcaterra Antonio
building surveyors Fabio Russo 


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