Student rockets as educational and scientific tool

The challenges that the world faces from the new space age will necessarily have to be solved by qualified and motivated aerospace engineers, in order also to seize its interesting opportunities. With the aim of enthusing students and young researchers in launcher technologies through practical and design activities, space agencies around the world sponsor specific educational programs. These allow universities to more effectively train new generations of experts in space access technologies. In this context, the Italian space agency (ASI) financed experimental student activities coordinated by professor Daniele Bianchi and doctor Mario Tindaro Migliorino at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (DIMA). The students tested different propellants, built electronic and mechanical components, and conceived, designed, built, and launched various rockets with a methodical and scientific approach, managing to publish their results with the aim of inspiring and guiding other student teams. These student activities can be of great pedagogical and informative impact and can lead to the making of scale models to be used as technological demonstrators. Further developments are currently underway within the activities of the Sapienza Rocket Team (SRT) of the Sapienza Aerospace Student Association (SASA).

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