Light and chirality manipulation in 2D materials at the nanoscale

2D materials have become very popular for their unique possibilities to manipulate electromagnetic field. Our researchers at ICI SBAI, in collaboration with Professor Koray Aydin’s group at Metamaterials and Nanophotonic Devices Lab (Northwestern University), have shown that α-MoO3, an emerging natural hyperbolic 2D material, can be combined with plasmonic nanostructures towards strong extrinsic chirality in the visible range. Combining biaxial anisotropy in α-MoO3 with Fabry−Perot cavities allows to obtain differential absorption of left and right circular polarizations, i.e. circular dichroism (CD). Moreover, simple nanostructuring of plasmonic layer leads to large enhancement of CD, opening new possibilities for chiral sensing and chiro-optical manipulation.

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