Student ombudsman

The Student Affairs Officer is available to students who wish to raise a point, make observations and proposals...

The Faculty's Students Affairs Officer (Student rights protector), is a Professor appointed for a three-year period by the Dean. The Dean must consult the student representatives and the Faculty Committee before selecting the Professor. The Student Affairs Officer is an independent authority. The Professor appointed for the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering is Isabella Chiarotto

Her duties

The Officer has the authority and the duty to intervene, also on the basis of motivated requests submitted by the students, and point out any dysfunctions and limitations of the rights of the students, as established by the University Charter (article 6). She supervises the implementation of the "Charter of the rights and duties of students of Sapienza University". She collects the requests, the observations, the proposals and the complaints of the students and has the right to investigate and speaks to the Dean who, depending on the specific case, may decide to intervene.


Anyone who wishes to contact the Officer can send an email directly to Professor Chiarotto. Students can request and are entitled to anonymity: their name, like any other information that may identify them, is excluded from the documents that the Administration can access.


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