English test - B2 - Certificates

To prepare for the foreign language exams, students can choose from all the English language courses provided by the Faculty, since they all prepare students to pass the exam. The difficulty of the exam is the same for all the Degree Programmes.

Students enrolled during the 2018/2019 academic year must take the test with the following teachers:
Rankin: Civil and Industrial Engineering, Campus;

Carnali: Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering in Rome, Building Engineering-Architecture;

Bartocci: Mechanical, Aerospace, Safety, Clinic, Energy, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering;

Federici: Sustainable Building.

Students of previous academic years must take the test with the teacher indicated on Infostud when they book the exam.

Prof. Elizabeth Lee elizabeth.lee@uniroma1.it
Prof. Tom Rankin thomas.rankin@uniroma1.it
Prof. Henry Rodgers henryrodgers@fastwebnet.it
Prof. Maurizio Bartocci maurizio.bartocci@uniroma1.it

Home page: http://www3.ing.uniroma1.it/ecourse2/

Certification recognition

The certifications recognized by the Faculty, which correspond to the B1 Level of the CEFR, are the following:

·         Cambridge PET (or above, i.e. First, Advanced, Proficiency certificates)

·         IELTS 4.5 (or above)

·         TOEFL paper based 450 (or above), computer based 133 (or above) or internet based 45 (or above)

·         Trinity ISE ESOL level 1 (or above)

NB: The "Trinity Grades Exams in Spoken English" (GESE) certificates are not valid.

Students may have their certificates recognized by submitting an application to the Area Committee of the Study Programme. The certificates may be recognized only if they have been achieved during the enrolment phase or, at most, during the two years before their enrolment at the University.

NB: The responsible Professors and the language teachers are not authorized to register the recognition of the certificates. Therefor students who wish to have one of the above certificates recognized should not book the exams or hand-in their certificate to the language teachers, but simply follow the procedures indicated by each Area Committee.

"BigBang" Project - Academic English Test for High Schools

Students enrolled in the Degree Programmes that belong to the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering who have sat and passed the English test with a minimum grade of 21/30 are entitled to acquire the credits related to the foreign language test (3 Credits).

The achieved grade may be registered by sending an email to  segrstudenti.ingegneria@uniroma1.it, indicating in the subject of the email "BigBang Project" and in the text of the email the request for a certification and the student’s Name, Surname, Matriculation number and attended Study Programme, or through the Administrative Student Affairs Office of the Civil and Industrial Engineering Faculty (in the “Città Universitaria” campus)  providing an identification document.

 All the information regarding the BigBang Project may be found on the Uniroma1 webpage:   Big Bang Uniroma1

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