B2 level test

B2 Verification


In order to verify B2 level for enrollment and/or participation in Magistrale courses, the English Language instructors have organized a verication procedure which aims to assess if students have reached a CEF level B2 in English.  Each English Language Instructor is responsible for his or her courses as listed below:




Refer to the websites of each instructor for specific information. 




For details of what CEF level B2 involves see: http://clients.squareeye.net/uploads/eaquals2011/documents/EAQUALS_British_Council_Core_Curriculum_April2011.pdf



Suggested grammar, theory & practice:

Hird J. Grammar and Vocabulary for the Real World with Key (Oxford University Press)  


In addition to the lexis as outlined by the parameters of CEF B2, students are expected to know terminology common to all engineering fields and to understand the main linguistic features of Engineering genres and technical materials. Good sources include:


Ibbotson M. Professional English in Use: Engineering  (Cambridge University Press)

McCarthy N. Engineering: A Beginner’s Guide (Oneworld)





The test is written. It is based on the type of exam questions found in both the new and old Cambridge First Certificate in English, Use of English section and also on the type of  questions found in the IELTS  Academic exam. See practice links below:

















There may also be questions of the following nature: 

• Text Organization

• Reference

• Word order within sentences

• Short Reading Comprehension with multiple choice answers


There will also be a short listening section. 



The English Language Instructors offer preparation courses, the schedules are published on individual instructors’ pages. At the end of the course you can take a test relative to the course you have followed to verify B2 level. 


There will be faculty-wide tests held regularly for all students needing to verify B2 level for purposes of enrolling in Magistrale courses. The list of students passing these tests will be communicated to the departments directly; no certificates are issued. 



Recognition of Certificates

The certifications recognized by the Faculty, corresponding to a Level B2 of the CEFR, are as follows:

  • Cambridge FCE (or above)
  • IELTS level 6 (or above)
  • TOEFL  internet based 72 (or above)paper based  513 (or above),or computer based 183  (or above)
  • Trinity ISE2 (or above)


NB: "Trinity Grades Exams in Spoken English" (GESE) certificates are not valid.



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