The game of chess may seems an activity like many others; a way to pass the time, maybe a little more complex than other activities, but still just a game. In reality, as the famous Soviet chess player Tigran Petrosian said: "chess is a game by its form, an art by its content and a science by the difficulty of gaining mastery in it". In fact, several studies show how this "sport of the mind" has a positive influence on performance related to the scientific subjects.

In the historical setting of San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome, the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering of Sapienza University will host the first edition of the "Playing Chess"@ SAPIENZA event, which will take place on Tuesday the 20th of November 2018 from 10am to 6pm and will be organized in collaboration with: Circolo Scuola Popolare di Scacchi (SPS) and Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (CSEN).

The tournament is open to all students (Italian and foreigners) who are enrolled in one of the Sapienza Degree Programmes, and also to the Professors and to the administrative and librarian technical staff of Sapienza University and it is completely free of charge.

The participants will be welcomed into the Great Hall of the Cloister in the morning and the tournament will continue until the afternoon. The seven rounds of the tournament will be presided by professional referees, and will grant each player 15 minutes to think. At the end of the event the Committee will award 1st ,2nd and 3rd place prizes. Even the players who do not win will have the chance of standing on the podium and will receive a participation medal. There will also be many spaces equipped with chess boards and clocks, so to allow even the less experienced players to approach the game of chess and to play freely.

The maximum number of players is 50 and therefore participants must enrol by November 4, 2018. Click here




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