Corsi 2023/2024 - II Semestre

English for Engineers: Upper Intermediate - B2

This course will cover the key grammar, lexis, functions and skills expected of students in the faculty at a level CEFR B2. Building on the four linguistic competencies: reading, writing, listening and speaking it will see students move from more controlled linguistic situations to using the target language with increased emphasis on fluency and accuracy. The course also prepares students for the faculty exams and level tests.

orario: martedì 16.00 - 18.00 aula 23 SPV e venerdì 08 - 10,00 aula 30 SPV

prima lezione:  1 marzo

google classroom:  vzg6sgr   


English for Engineers: Advanced Communication Skills 

The objective of this course is to work on improving written and spoken communication. 

Students who attend this course should already have a good grasp of English.

The course will look at types of communication commonly used in engineering such as reports, presentations, and emails as well as working on meeting, telephone and interview skills. 

By the end of the course, students should be able to recognise and produce appropriate, accurate and clear pieces of extended English discourse relevant to their field of study/work.


orario: mercoledì 08,00 - 10,00 aula 3 SPV

prima lezione: 28 febbraio 

google classroom: j3wafdg

English for Engineers: Intermediate level - B1
Self study materials - google classroom: jyejxb7

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