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"When in Rome do as the Romans do" and in this section you will find pertinent information to facilitate your stay as well as how to access the many cultural events the Eternal City has to offer.
If you are in need of a doctor you can always go to the Emergency Medical Care Center for Tourists and foreign people that is located in Via Emilio Morosini n° 30 in the middle of Trastevere district.
During the weekdays you can call this number 0677306650 to contact the above said center.
If you need a doctor at night or when the Medical Care Center is closed, you can always call 06570600 that is the Italian “Guardia Medica”, a doctor that can give you immediate medical assistence and, according to the seriousness of the situation, can even come to your home for a medical examination.
Enjoy your stay!

En caso de enfermedad puedes dirigirte al “Centro Médico para Turistas” localizado en el barrio de Trastevere en Via Emilio Morosini n° 30.
El servicio está disponible los dias laborales a través del numero 0677306650; en el resto de casos puedes  llamar al 06570600 perteneciente a la “Guardia Medica”, un servicio sanitario público que evaluará tu caso y, en caso de necesidad, puede enviar un médico a tu domicilio.
¡Disfruta de tu estancia en Roma!

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