OFA – Further Required Courses

Students enrolled in the three-year Bachelors Degrees of the Civil and Industrial Engineering Faculty who have been assigned Additional Educational Obligations (OFA),must know that the INFOSTUD system updates the profiles of each student in relation to his/her OFA starting from the second half of November. Currently the updated data is not available. Sapienza University of Rome, in collaboration with Unitelma, will send an email to the students who have OFA requirements, with the credentials to access the Unitelma platform, so that they can start following the online classes and prepare themselves for the tests.

The credentials to access the online courses of Unitelma will be given to the students through the e-mail address provided by them when they registered on Infostud.

Don’t forget to check your email!

Once you have obtained the login credentials you can follow the online course and sit the exam to make up for any educational shortcoming you may have and comply with the educational obligations. The exam calendar that will be published on the webpage:

The OFA test envisions:

  • Questions: 20 mathematics questions
  • Evaluation criteria: 1 point for each correct answer; 0 point for every wrong and non-provided

  • Time: 1 hour 

The test is considered passed and the OFA fulfilled, if the overall result is equal to or higher than 12 out of 20..

To fulfil the OFA requirements we strongly advise you to follow the online classes on the Unitelma website:

Students with OFA requirements who are enrolled in the Degree Programmes of the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering:

  • who have doubts about their educational shortcoming
  • who have received the e-mail with access credentials to the platform, but are unable to access the platform
  • that haven’t received the credentials by the middle of November, can contact the OFA office

Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering 
Via Eudossiana 18 00184 Rome
OFA Office Gianluca Grassi
Tel. 0644585740
Mobile 3337086459
Email: gianluca.grassi@uniroma1.it

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