The Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering welcomes students from all over the world!

A long tradition of teaching and research and a strong international reputation for excellence

Since 1817 the Faculty has continued its long academic tradition of providing students with an innovative syllabus, top quality degree programmes and relevant research opportunities. Sapienza confirms its position of Excellence among the Italian Universities and the Universities in the World, according to the International Ranking for the year 2018 and in the field of Aerospace Engineering is the 1st in Italy and 17th worldwide. Sapienza University is ranked third worldwide in Aerospace engineering (Thomson – Reuters, 2015) and it is the largest university in Europe.
Studying in Rome at the Sapienza Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering provides a great opportunity to live in a cosmopolitan and multicultural environment and to enjoy the “eternal and timeless” city, with its 2,000 years and more of history.

Courses and Programmes A.Y. 2018/19 totally or partially thaught in English

International Admissions - Required documents and enrolment procedures for foreign nationals  - Online pre-selection for programmes a.y. 2019-2020


Student Opinion Survey (OPIS) – New Procedure

You can complete the Student Opinion Survey (OPIS) during your classes using your mobile device. The survey will take no longer than 15 minutes. Please collaborate with us to help us improve our education.
Read the instructions carefully and follow the indications given by the Professors.
Thank you for your cooperation!

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